Friday, April 15, 2016

Bailiff negligently discharges personal gun in Hall of Justice; In two incidents a gun brandished in arguments negligently wounds owner.

San Francisco Sheriff Launches Investigation Into Deputy Shooting at Hall of Justice

San Francisco, Ca (4-14-16) Authorities are investigating an accidental shooting inside San Francisco's Hall of Justice, Sheriff Vicki Hennessy said on Thursday.

The shooting occurred Wednesday morning when a bailiff, who does not currently carry a weapon in their current role, fired a non-duty weapon while talking with another deputy on the third floor.

"I was relieved no one was hurt was my first reaction," Hennessy said. "My second reaction was what were they thinking?"

Hennessy said she has organized training for both deputies on safety procedures. In addition, a safety bulletin about gun safety has been placed throughout the sheriff's departmen.  Both deputies are still on duty.

"Personal guns are allowed at times in our policy, but you're not supposed to carry them, not supposed to be bringing them in, and basically taking them out and showing them to people," Hennessy said.

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi said the shooting raises concerns.

"It's frightening something like this could happen," he said. "I think that this situation should be thoroughly investigated to make sure this doesn't happen again."

Report: Man Cleaning Gun Accidentally Shoots Himself

Greenville Tn (4-14-16) A man cleaning a handgun accidentally shot himself in the leg Wednesday night, sheriff's Deputy Robert Livingston said in a report.

Dwayne Bowden, of Oakland Park, told deputies he was cleaning a .45-caliber Republic Firearms handgun "and noticed there was a round in the chamber," the report said.

"He went to rack the firearm to unload when it discharged, striking him in the left thigh," the report said.

The bullet passed through Bowden's thigh. Entry and exit wounds in a "clear path" were evident, the report said.

Bowden was treated at a local hospital but did not receive serious injuries, the report said.

No one else was in the mobile home when the gun went off, the report said.

The injury is "consistent with an accidental gunshot," the report said.

Bowden told deputies there was no safety mechanism on the gun.

Stillwater police: 21-year-old man accidentally shot self, is recovering

STILLWATER , OK (4-15-16) Stillwater police have determined that a man still recovering at a hospital accidentally shot himself on Monday.

James Elbert Thomas, 21, was flown to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City after receiving a gunshot wound to the chest shortly after 7 p.m. Monday at a Stillwater apartment complex, according to a news release from Capt. Kyle Gibbs.

Investigators believe Thomas accidentally shot himself while handling a gun. He is still recovering in Oklahoma City, Gibbs said.

21-year-old flown to OKC hospital after Stillwater shooting

STILLWATER, OK (4-12-16) A 21-year-old man who recently moved to Oklahoma from Kansas was shot outside a Stillwater apartment complex Monday evening.

James Elbert Thomas was shot in the chest at the Stonegate at Stillwater apartment complex, 1815 N. Boomer Road, just after 7 p.m., police Capt. Kyle Gibbs said in a news release.

Thomas was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and was flown from there to the University of Oklahoma Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Gibbs said.

As of 9:10 p.m., his condition was stable, Gibbs said.

Officers recovered a handgun from the scene, and investigators were working to determine how and why the shooting occurred.

Thomas recently moved to Stillwater from Wichita, Gibbs said.

Police: Manchester man accidently shot himself in foot during argument

MANCHESTER, NH (4-15-16) A 19-year-old man sustained a single gunshot wound to his foot on Monday morning.

An officer responded to the scene on Belmont Street where it appeared that Todd Bernatchez, of Manchester, accidentally shot himself during a verbal argument with another individual.

Police said he will be charged with carrying a firearm without a license and reckless conduct.

He was immediately transported to the Elliot Hospital and will most likely require surgery for his injury, which was non-life threatening.

Bernatchez will most likely be processed for the arrest once he is medically cleared from the Elliot, police said.

Police: Man shot himself in foot

MILFORD, NH (4-14-16) An Am­herst man who had been in the Brox property sand pits for target practice with a friend on Saturday afternoon accidentally shot himself in the foot, police said.

Alvin Taveras Perez, 24, was using a revolver, and Jonathon Baez, 21, of Nashua, was using a shot­gun, both weapons owned by Baez, police said.

According to the police report, Baez said Perez had asked to use the shot­gun, and that he advised him about safety mea­sures. He said Perez load­ed the shotgun, but didn't put the safety on, and that he must have accidentally pulled the trigger, firing a round of birdshot into his right foot.

Police said that be­cause of the injury and a language barrier, Perez wasn't able to describe what happened.

An all-terrain vehicle was needed to transport the victim to the ambu­lance parked on the Perry Road side of the town-owned property, and he was taken to a Nashua hospital, police said.

Update: Man shot during domestic dispute in Oak Hill

JACKSON COUNTY, OH (4-14-16) The Jackson County Sheriff's Office has identified a man who was shot during an alleged domestic dispute in earlier this week.

The shooting was reported just before 8 a.m. Monday on Harmon Road.

The Sheriff's Office confirms the shooting happened during a domestic incident, when a gun went off during a struggle between a man and woman.

Deputies say when they got on scene, the woman met them outside. She reportedly told them they were struggling over the gun when it went off accidentally and she wasn't sure where the gun was.

She told them Wendell French, Jr., 50, woke up that morning and began yelling. She says he went outside and vandalized a vehicle, then came back inside and hit her. She says he also allegedly hit her son in the face, then went back to the bedroom and fell asleep.

The woman said while he was sleeping, she took her youngest son to a relative's home and when she returned to get her other son ready for school, they woke French up and another argument happened.

Deputies say she reportedly told him to leave and he hit her. She said when she was trying to get her son out of the house, she grabbed the rifle to keep French was getting it. She alleges he had threatened to shoot her previously, according to deputies.

The woman told deputies they began fighting over the gun and it discharged accidentally.

When the deputy and an Oak Hill Police officer were entering the home, they say they heard a man yell from the bedroom that he was bleeding severely. They say French had been shot in the upper part of his leg.  Deputies were able to recover a rifle from the scene.  French was flown to a Huntington hospital. No word on his condition.

Charges have not been filed at this time. The case will be turned over to the Jackson County Prosecutor'sOffice to determine if charges will be filed.

ORIGINAL STORY:   (4/11/16)  A man was flown to a Huntington hospital after being shot during a reported domestic violence dispute Monday morning in Oak Hill, Ohio.

Jackson County, Ohio Sheriff Tedd Frazier says the incident happened just before 8 a.m. at a residence on Harmon Road.

Sheriff Frazier says the victim was shot by the person who made the call to 911 about the dispute. There is no word on the man’s condition, and authorities have not released his name.  The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation.

There is no word if any charges are pending.

Man shoots self in leg during deer attack: South Euclid Police Blotter

Euclid, Oh  (4-13-16)  Weapons offense, Brookline Road: A man reported April 3 he shot himself in the thigh while he was trying to a shoot a deer that was attacking his dog. He said one of several deer charged at him too after he got his gun and came to the dog's defense. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. Officers believe the gun malfunctioned when fired or was not being held securely.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mom drops purse containing gun, discharges, toddler shot in face; Another cop shot training at range; Mom shot when son drops gun dismounting horse.

UPDATE: Shooting that left two wounded called accidental

WICHITA, KS (4-13-16) Wichita Police are investigating a shooting that's left two people wounded.

Police said two people with gunshot wounds arrived at Wesley Medical Center after 10:30 a.m.

Investigators told 911 dispatchers the shooting was accidental and they are not searching for suspects.

Mom drops purse with gun inside; 2-year-old accidentally shot in face at hospital

JACKSON, Ms (4-13-16) Jackson Police are investigating an accidental shooting at a hospital.

Officer Colendula Green said a 2-year-old girl was shot at Merit Health Central on Chadwick Drive.

Green said the child was hit after a gun went off that was inside of her mother’s purse.

Police said the woman was standing by the vending machine and dropped her purse. The gun went off and a bullet hit the vending machine. The bullet bounced off the machine and grazed her daughter in the right side of her face.  The toddler is is expected to be okay.

The hospital released this statement about the incident:  

Weapons are prohibited on the campus of all Merit Health facilities to protect the safety of our patients, visitors, physicians and employees. This morning, an isolated incident involving the accidental discharge of a visitor’s weapon occurred on our campus. It was addressed quickly, preventing serious harm to the patient and risk to others in the hospital. Because this is an active police investigation, further questions should be directed to the Jackson Police Department.

Massachusetts Police Officer Accidentally Shot During Training Exercise

Fort Devens, Ma (4-13-16) A police officer was accidentally shot during a training exercise at Fort Devens on Wednesday morning.

Fort Devens military police said the accidental shooting occurred around 10 a.m. during firing range practice. Fort Devens is a U.S. Army Reserve facility located in Ayer, Harvard and Shirley.

The injured officer was taken to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. An update on his condition was not immediately available.

Massachusetts State Police, the Army's Criminal Investigation Division and the Fort Devens Department of Army Police are investigating.

Police: Youth wounded in accidental shooting in Gary

GARY, IN (4-13-16) A juvenile was wounded Tuesday in an accidental shooting behind the former Lew Wallace High School, police said.

Gary police responded about 6:25 p.m. to the 400 block of West 45th Avenue for a gunshot wound victim.

One juvenile had been shot and was taken by ambulance to a hospital with a serious but not life-threatening wound, Lt. Dawn Westerfield said. She declined to release further information about the child because of age.

Westerfield said two witnesses The Times observed at the scene called in the shooting and were cooperating with police. The case remains under investigation.


SANDY HOOK, Ky. (4-13-16) State Police say a Morehead woman was accidentally shot as her son dismounted from a horse. Investigators say it happened early Wednesday evening on Stamper Ridge in Elliott County. State Police say as the young man was trying to get down off a horse, his .22 caliber pistol fell out of his holster to the ground and discharged, with the bullet hitting his mother in the upper left flank.

Investigators say 39-year old Jereen R. Stamper was taken to Cabell Huntington Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia, where she was listed in stable condition. The incident remains under investigation by State Police.

Pellet aimed at turtles in lake accidentally hits man, deputies say

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (4-13-16) Spartanburg County deputies said they responded Wednesday to a shooting at a home where a man was injured.

Dispatchers said the shooting was reported before noon on Saranac Drive, just outside the Spartanburg city limits on the east side. The home is located on Lake Saranac.

Deputies said a worker measuring the home for gutters was hit in the chest with a projectile.

The projectile did not penetrate the victim’s shirt, but did leave a large bruise and a scrape on his chest, according to deputies.

WYFF News 4 talked to two men who said they witnessed the shooting. They said they were doing work on the home with the victim when the man was shot. The two men said the shot came from across the lake when a man shooting at turtles in the lake fired a shot that ricocheted and hit the worker.

Deputies later confirmed the shooter was a man across the lake shooting at turtles with a high-powered pellet rifle.

After officers consulted with the Solicitor's Office, the shooting was ruled accidental, Lt. Kevin Bobo said. "No charges will be filed, since there wasn't any criminal intent," Bobo said.

Fatal shooting

Waxahachie, Tx (4-13-16) Charley Dewayne Maynard Jr., 37, lost his life after a shooting that took place on Tuesday night. Emergency responders were dispatched at 7:41 p.m. to the 200 block of Colt Drive. Dispatchers were informed about the incident from a 9-1-1 that was placed from inside the residence where the incident occurred.

When officers arrived on scene, they found a man with a gunshot wound being attended to by his wife, said Waxahachie Police Lt. Todd Woodruff. Members of the Waxahachie Fire Department and medical personal with AMR were called out the scene. A helicopter was requested but was later disregarded by AMR personnel.

Maynard was transported by ground ambulance to Baylor Scott and White Medical Center at Waxahachie where he later passed away.

Precinct 4 Justice of the peace Steve Egan was called out to the hospital and pronounced Maynard dead at 9:04 p.m. Egan then ordered the body to be taken to the Dallas Medical Examiners office for a autopsy.

The incident is still under investigation at this time, Woodruff said, but initial information is that it was an accidental discharge from a handgun. No one has been charged at this time and police are not looking for anyone else involved with this incident.

Mother arrested after 13-year-old son shot

TITUSVILLE, Fl (4-13-16) A mother has been arrested because she waited more than four hours to get her teenage son treatment for a gunshot wound, police say.

Titusville police arrested Latasha Staley, 35, after they were called to Parish Medical Center on Sunday when a 13-year-old was admitted with a gunshot wound.

Investigators said Staley’s son was shot around 5 a.m., but she did not seek treatment for him until 9:15 a.m.

"We recovered a firearm in this 13-year-old's room and it was in his younger sister's school bag, which was just alarming to us," said Titusville police Chief John Lau.

According to police, the teen has an extensive criminal record, was involved in a previous shooting and is on community probation.

"It is not the police department's job to be tucking kids into bed, it's the parents' job. And we're going to start holding people accountable," Lau said.

Police said that despite the teen’s probation status, Staley allowed her son to attend a party the night before, and she told investigators that if she’d known law enforcement would be involved, she would not have taken her son to the emergency room.

The teen is expected to survive, police said.  Staley is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child neglect.

Deputies investigate shooting at Lake Saranac

Spartanburg County, SC (4-13-16) Deputies are investigating a shooting that left a man hospitalized Wednesday afternoon.

The incident was reported at 425 Saranac St. near Lake Saranac.

A man measuring a home for gutters heard what sounded like gunshots coming from across the lake, according to a statement from Lt. Kevin Bobo, a spokesman for the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office. The man walked toward the lake and was struck in the chest by a project — what investigators believe was a bullet or pellet.

It did not penetrate the man's shirt, but it left a large contusion and abrasion on his chest. He was taken to the Spartanburg Medical Center, Bobo stated.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that the projectile was a stray shot fired by someone shooting at turtles on the lake, Bobo stated.

They are still trying to determine whether the shooting was accidental or intentional.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"It can happen to any of us" but sadly it happened to 11 year old Abram; St Louis man unloading gun dies, shot in face

River Ridge man, 75, accidentally shoots girlfriend, JPSO says

Jefferson Parish, La (4-12-16) A 68-year-old woman is in critical condition after her boyfriend accidentally shot her, according to authorities. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office arrested Ben Caronia, 75, of River Ridge and booked him with negligent injuring and illegal use of a weapon, according to Glen T. Boyd, spokesman for the department.

Deputies were dispatched to 336 Marmandie Ave., after receiving a report of a woman injured in a shooting about 5 a.m. Friday (April 8), according to an arrest report. They arrived and found the victim, Caronia's girlfriend of 26 years, suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

The woman told deputies Caronia shot her, but he didn't mean to, according to the report. The woman told them, "He thought there were people in the house," the report said.

Deputies found Caronia in a bathroom. As they took him into custody, he told the deputies, "Get that man out of my bathroom," the report said. But deputies found no one else inside the restroom.

The woman was taken to local hospital for treatment, Boyd said. Though she is in critical condition, she is expected to recover.

Caronia was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna. Bond on the negligent injuring charge was set at $500. But he was being held without bond for illegal use of a weapon.

Vigil for 11-year-old hospitalized after self-inflicted gunshot wound

RUTHERFORDTON, N.C. (4-7-16) A young boy remains in critical condition after the Rutherford County sheriff says he suffered a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

That happened to Abram Brown, 11, of Rutherford County on Monday night.

While he's recovering in the pediatric ICU at Mission Hospital, people county-wide gathered to pray for him Thursday night.

There are a lot of questions about how this happened to Abram, so his supporters are clinging to prayer.

"My son hunts with my dad and my brother. He's been around guns," Heather Guffey, whose son plays baseball with Abram, said. "It can happen to any of us. It's just hard not to put yourself in their shoes."

That vigil was organized by his little league family and about 200 people showed up.

First, Abram's baseball team had practiceand his teammates batted for him before walking over to the vigil.  "This one's for Abram!" Jacob Arrowood, a teammate, said.  "When somebody from the little league family is hurting, we all hurt. So we're hurting, but we're going to get through this and they're going to get through it," Steve Guffey, the president of the little league, said.  Abram probably didn't know everyone there, but they all know him and came to pray for his family, for him, and for healing.
"When you play baseball together, you're a team. You're a family," Heather Guffey said.  An update on how Abram is doing was announced at the vigil and gave everyone hope.  "He tried to breath on his own, so that was a really positive thing," Kristin Holmstrom, a church family friend, said. "He moved his fingers, he moved his toes, and those are all really positive things."  None of the Abram's family attended Thursday night's vigil. Friends say they aren't leaving his side until he goes home.

Accidental Shooting    Update:

BAKER CITY, OR (4-12-16) After concluding its initial investigation, the Baker County Major Crime Team has determined that Amanda Marie Murray accidentally shot herself in the leg on April 10, 2016. The gun was discharged during the disassembly process. Murray indicated she was unaware that the gun, a semi-automatic hand gun, had a bullet in the chamber during the disassembly process. She is currently in stable condition. The Baker County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case for potential charges.

Previous:   On April 10, 2016, at around 9:00PM, a 19 year old Baker City woman received a life threatening injury when a single bullet fired from a 40 caliber handgun struck her in the left thigh. There were multiple people inside the apartment when the firearm went off. The incident, which occurred at 2920 Elm Street, apartment #20, is being investigated by the Baker County Major Crimes Team.

Man fatally shoots self while unloading gun

ST. LOUIS, MO (4-12-16) A 31-year-old man fatally shot himself while unloading his gun inside his home Tuesday morning.

According to officials, Willie Crowder shot himself in the head when the firearm he was unloading discharged in the home in the 8500 block of Riverview shortly after 6 a.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident is being investigated as a “suspicious death” pending autopsy results.

The investigation is ongoing.

Woman assaulted and man shoots himself in Richmond’s East End

RICHMOND, Va (4-12-16) Richmond Police were called to an East End neighborhood overnight Monday after reports of a shooting and stabbing within blocks of each other.

Officers were called to 21st and Selden Streets for an assault around 11:40 p.m. Monday. When officers arrived, a woman told them she was hit in the face and cut with a knife by two known suspects.

Both suspects drove away and police are searching for a white Chrysler 300 with extensive front-end damage. Paramedics treated the woman on scene for non-life threatening injuries.

Police were then called to the 1600 block of Spotsylvania Street just after 1 a.m. Tuesday for a shooting. The area is near Mosby Court and about five blocks from the assault scene.

The victim told detectives he was shot in the knee. An investigation revealed the injuries were self-inflicted and accidental, according to police.

Neighbors told CBS 6’s Brendan King that they heard several gunshots.

“I woke up out of my sleep,” Dajha Jones said. “There were ambulances and police cars everywhere.”
A CBS 6 crew noticed a police presence in the area shortly after that. Police dogs could also be seen.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Boy 16, skyping face to face, dies showing off gun; Girl 13, critical after man 20, shot her playing with AR-15; Gun comes out at party, 2 teens shot

16-year-old dies in accidental shooting, Caldwell County deputies say

Granite Falls, NC (4-11-16) A death investigation is underway Monday in Caldwell County after a 16-year old was shot and killed.

Family members said Dekota Smith, a student at South Caldwell High School, accidentally shot himself while Skyping with a friend.

Counselors and clergy were at the school Monday to help students grieve.

Gregory Johnston told Channel 9 that he still can't believe his nephew is gone.

Johnston said Smith was at his grandparents’ home when he accidentally shot himself. Johnston said his nephew was showing a gun to a friend, using his cellphone to do a live video chat, when the weapon went off.

"The person he was talking to said he was looking at him face to face on his little phone and all of a sudden he could see the ceiling. And apparently he heard the bang and (knew that) something (was) wrong,” Johnston said.

There was a moment of silence at South Caldwell High School for Smith as students returned to school Monday morning. The winter athletic awards scheduled for Monday night have been postponed.

Smith was a member of both the wrestling and track teams. His teammates are making a memorial banner for his family.

"It is extremely tough on the children. When you have someone who is one of your peers who is involved in a situation that is this horrific, it's heartbreaking, and we knew we'd have upset children here today,” Libby Brown of Caldwell County Schools said.

Deputies said they are still trying to determine how the teenager got the weapon.

They said the case is a reminder to everyone about the importance of gun safety.

"Make sure that parents understand to secure those weapons, because if the kids are very small or in their teens, they could still get those weapons and hurt somebody as well as themselves,” Caldwell County Sheriff Alan Jones said.

Deputies said they still have more interviews to do in the case. Once their investigation is complete, they will forward it to the district attorney’s office.

19-year-old arrested in accidental shooting death of woman, police say

TOWN OF PRESTON, Wis. (4-11-16) A 19-year-old faces homicide charges after a Friendship woman died early Sunday morning when she was accidentally shot by a pellet gun, Adams County officials said.

Adam’s County sheriff’s deputies were called to an address in the town of Preston just after midnight on a report that a woman has been accidentally shot by a pellet gun, according to a release.

Deputies found a woman bleeding and unresponsive, officials said.

Lifesaving measures were not successful, and the woman, 26-year-old Constance Heintz, was pronounced dead at Moundview Memorial Hospital, according to the release.

Officials said 19-year-old Branden Davis, of Friendship, was arrested, and is being held in the Adams County jail on a charge of homicide by negligent use of a dangerous weapon.

The investigation is ongoing, according to the release.

Hot Springs girl critical after shooting, police say

Hot Springs. Ak (4-11-16) A 13-year-old girl was hospitalized in critical condition Sunday after being shot in the leg with an AR-15 rifle, police in Hot Springs said Monday.

Jesse Alan Flemister, 20, was arrested and charged with second-degree battery, police said in a news release.

According to that statement, police were called to a residence on Hillsdale Terrace around 6:45 p.m. and found the girl with a gunshot wound in the left leg. Flemister told police he was playing with the gun when it accidentally discharged one time, the report said.

The girl was taken to St. Vincent Hospital and then flown to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock in critical condition, according to the report.

There was no word from police on the girl's condition Monday morning.

Friends describe Goffstown brothers as 'best friends'

GOFFSTOWN, N.H. (4-11-16) A Goffstown man is facing felony charges after his brother was shot in the head and flown to a Boston hospital in critical condition.

Timothy Beard, 23, and his brother Christian Beard, 21, live in separate apartments at 10 Prospect St. in Goffstown.

Police said the brothers were drinking and playing the first-person shooter video game "Halo" on Sunday night.

At some point, Timothy Beard took out a 9mm handgun he had purchased a few weeks before. His girlfriend said it was for self-protection in case of a break-in.

Timothy Beard told police that he was messing around with the gun when he accidentally shot his brother, investigators said.

Police said they are still trying to figure out what led up to the gunshot.

"From what we understand, from a preliminary investigation from the four like-aged adults that were there, there were some video games that were being played," Chief Robert Browne said. "And as such, one of them, Timothy Beard, had picked up the firearm and at one point pointed it towards his brother, and a round went off."

Witnesses said there was no fighting or aggression leading up to the gunshot, and that everyone seemed to be having a good time. One witness described the brothers as "best friends."

Timothy Beard’s girlfriend said that right before the gunshot, he said, "When a zombie comes, hit him like this, in the head." Another witness said Christian Beard then said something to the effect of, "Shoot me. I dare you."

Timothy Beard told police that's when he pulled the trigger, investigators said. Police said he had the gun just inches from his brother’s temple.

Christian Beard was shot in the forehead and was taken to Catholic Medical Center before he was flown to a Boston hospital. He was listed in critical condition.

"From what I understand, there was immediate first aid given by the people that were at the residence," Browne said. "The officers that responded were assisting with direct pressure to the wound of Mr. Beard, and it's my understanding that CPR was in progress, as well, as he was being transported."

Timothy Beard is charged with second-degree assault and reckless conduct. Police said the assault charge will escalate if his brother dies.

According to court paperwork, no one in the home knew the gun was loaded. Timothy Beard told police that he didn't think the gun was loaded, and the shooting was an accident.

"I can tell you from firsthand experience, firearms don't accidentally go off," Browne said. "So there is a reckless nature or a negligent nature of the handling of the firearm, and that would result in the charges against Timothy Beard."

The attorney general's office, the county attorney and the state police are involved in the investigation. Bail for Timothy Beard was set at $10,000.

Police Call Easton Shooting Accidental

EASTON, Cn (4-11-16) A shooting that took place on Sunday, April 10 is being called an "accidental discharge," by the Easton Police Department, according to the Easton Courier.

Police said the shooting took place at 3:10 p.m. on Morehouse Road, but released very few details on the incident, said the Easton Courier.

An unidentified injured person was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital by Easton EMS, added the Easton Courier. Police did not reveal information on the victim or his or her condition.

Fatal shooting in Montgomery deemed accidental

Montgomery, Al  (4-11-16)   Police have determined that Friday night's fatal shooting was an accident.

Officers responded to a shooting call in the 200 block of Southlawn Drive at about 9:15 p.m. Friday. They found an adult female with life-threatening injuries.

She was transported to a local hospital where she late died. Police have not released her identity.

"MPD's investigation into this shooting determined that the shooting was accidental. For this reason, no additional information is available for public release," said police spokeswoman Lt. Denise Barnes.

UPDATE: 2 of 5 weekend shootings in Gary accidental

Gary, In (4-11-16) In two additional cases, a 17-year-old Gary girl and 20-year-old Merrillville man told police they were shot by others, but investigators later determined both accidentally shot themselves, Pawlak said.

The Merrillville man was shot in the stomach and taken by ambulance about 9 p.m. from a home in the 700 block of Ralston Street to Methodist Hospitals Northlake Campus, police said. He claimed he was shot by a man dressed in all black, Pawlak said.

Police responded about 11:15 p.m. to Methodist Hospitals Northlake Campus for a shooting victim. The 17-year-old girl claimed she was talking to a friend when she was shot in the leg, Pawlak said.

Investigators later determined both gave police false information to avoid prosecution, Pawlak said.

Both cases remain under investigation, and it has not yet been determined if they will be charged with making a false police report, he said.

Man drives self to hospital after being shot

North Cañon City, Co (4-11-16) A man drove himself to the hospital after he was shot during a drive-by incident Saturday morning, according to a news release from the Fremont County Sheriff's Office sent on Monday.

According to the news release, the victim, a 31-year old male, who is not being named, reportedly drove himself to St. Thomas More Hospital after he had been shot.

Capt. Jeff Worley with the sheriff's department said Monday in an email that the incident occurred sometime before 6 a.m. and it occurred off of High Street in North Cañon City.

The news release said the victim was driving when he heard a loud "bang."

"One of his vehicle windows was shattered and the victim realized he was injured," the news release said.

He was able to drive himself to the hospital for medical attention.

At St. Thomas More Hospital, emergency room personnel confirmed the victim had been shot one time.

The caliber of the bullet is unknown.

The victim is in stable condition, the news release said.

Detectives with the Fremont County Sheriff's Department are currently investigating the incident

Worley said detectives are following some leads, but there are no arrest warrants or no known suspects at the time.

He also said that the sheriff's department is not certain if the incident was an accidental shooting or something intentional.

However, sheriff's departments asks that anyone with information regarding the incident to call the sheriff's office at 276-5555 or Crime Stoppers at 275-7867.

Teen shoots himself in leg while 'adjusting' gun inside his sweatpants

HARRISBURG, Pa. (4-11-16) Police were called to an accidental shooting in Dauphin County early Monday morning.

Swatara Township police say they reported to the 1800 block of South 19th Street, where they discovered a 17-year-old boy had shot himself.

The teen, from Harrisburg, accidentally shot himself in the leg while "adjusting" the gun he was carrying inside his sweatpants, according to police.

He is being treated at a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The teen is facing charges.

Police have not yet recovered the gun used in this incident.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Detective Eric Morris at the Swatara Township Police Department at 717-564-2550 or leave a tip at

Bay City teen accidentally shoots himself in the face, police say

BAY CITY, MI (4-11-16) An 18-year-old Bay City man was in critical condition after suffering an apparently accidental gunshot wound to the head.

About 1:10 a.m. Sunday, April 10, police were dispatched to a home in the 700 block of South Farragut Street about a shooting. Officers found the victim, who was walking and talking even though he had been shot in the face, said Bay City Public Safety Capt. Joseph Lanava.

The man was transported to McLaren Bay Region hospital and later transferred to Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Lanava said.

The man had been shot with a small-caliber handgun, which police recovered. A small gathering was taking place at the man's house when the shooting occurred, Lanava said.

The gunshot wound was self-inflicted, but it was not a suicide attempt, Lanava said. Evidence indicates the man was handling the gun in a reckless or careless manner, the captain said.

Alcohol is believed to be a factor, Lanava said.

Police have not released the man's name. The incident remains under investigation.

2 teens accidentally shot at Valencia Park birthday party

SAN DIEGO, CA (4-11-16) A birthday party ended in gunfire Sunday night when two teenagers were accidentally shot in Valencia Park.

San Diego police say an 18-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy were each hit in the arm at about 7:45 p.m. at a home in the 5700 block of Elk Street.

They were taken to Mercy Hospital and their injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Officers said another teen at the party accidentally fired off the round, then reportedly fled the area.

Police are trying to make contact with him.

Cops: Teen killed pal in sleeping child's bedroom

Beverly, Ma (4-12-16) A Beverly teen charged with murder who claims he accidentally shot his 21-year-old friend Saturday night engaged in the fatal gunplay in an apartment bedroom where a child was in a crib, cops said.

Justice Galarza, 19, was held without bail yesterday in Salem District Court after pleading not guilty to the murder of Christian Merced, 21, of Miami. He also faces gun charges of carrying without a license and shooting within 500 feet of a dwelling.

Witnesses told police that immediately after the shooting, as Merced lay bleeding on the apartment’s kitchen floor, Galarza was scared and apologetic, claiming the shooting was an accident, then fled, later turning himself in to police. Cops said he told an aunt, “He had shot a friend by accident in Beverly. Galarza stated that he got scared and ran from the scene down the railroad tracks to her house,” the report states.

A gun was found by police on the nearby railroad tracks. A witness told cops Galarza had shown him a “silver gun” that he got about two or three weeks ago, police said.

Darlene Nunez, Galarza’s grandmother, told cops that Galarza told her he and Merced “were messing around with the gun and it just went off,” the report states.

Police said that although witnesses at the Ropes Street apartment initially told them the shooting happened in a nearby park, they later determined it took place in a back bedroom where a “young male child” was “in a crib.”

“The shooting actually happened in the back bedroom in this apartment. Inside the bedroom at the time of the shooting was the victim (Christian Merced) and the suspect (Justice Galarza) and the child in the crib,” cops said.

What appeared to be a .22 caliber casing was found in the room, cops said.

The Department of Children and Families said it’s investigating in collaboration with law enforcement.

Galarza’s defense lawyer, Mike Phelan, and Essex District Attorney spokeswoman Carrie Kimball-Monahan said yesterday a grand jury will determine what charges Galarza ultimately faces.

Phelan said it was a matter of “kids playing with a gun — it goes off. There’s no argument. There’s no fight between them.”

Galarza’s grandmother Nunez said after the court hearing, “It’s just an awful accident.” She added, “I pray for my Justice. But I also pray for the other family, too. They lost a boy.”

Police: Officer responding to alarm accidentally shoots man

WASHINGTON DC (4-11-16) Authorities say a police officer unintentionally shot a man who was in a grocery store that had been burglarized Sunday night.

Laurel city spokeswoman Audrey Barnes said Monday that officers responded to a burglar alarm at Indus Food International Market around 11:20 p.m.

She says police saw a 15-year-old boy fleeing the building. Barnes said the teen refused police commands to stop, and an officer deployed a Taser.

The boy was taken to a hospital, and was later released to his mother.

Barnes said officers were checking the building when one officer, who was holding his service weapon, saw movement in the dark. The spokeswoman says the officer was moving his gun from one hand to the other when it discharged and hit a 20-year-old man inside.

The man was in stable condition in a hospital. The officer, a 17-year veteran, is on paid administrative leave.

No officers were injured.

Police say this is the third burglary, or attempted burglary, of the market since November 2015 when thieves broke in and stole $5,000. The store was burglarized again in December and the thieves stole $8,000.

Detectives are working to determine if all three of these burglaries could be related.

Barnes said this is the department’s first police-involved shooting since 2003.

Officer Didn't Intend to Shoot Burglary Suspect at Indus Market: Update

LAUREL, MD (4-11-16) A 20-year-old burglary suspect is hospitalized in stable condition after he was accidentally shot by a SWAT team member of the police department Sunday night in Laurel, officials say.

Police were called to the 900 block of Fourth Street for an alarm at the Indus Food International Market, according to a city news release. Several officers responded. A 15-year-old boy who fled from the scene was caught by police.

While officers were running after the teenager, four more officers with their weapons drawn went to the back of the business to search the building.

As the first officer opened the back door, he transferred the gun from one hand to the other.

City officials said the officer was startled by movement just inside the door, jumped back, and his weapon discharged. He shot the 20-year-old man, who was lying on some sheet metal stacked up in the drop-off by the door.

The officer -- who is a 17-year member of the department and afirearms instructor -- immediately gave first aid to the injured suspect, says the city, even consoling the injured burglary suspect while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

The suspect, who is from Nottingham, was taken to Med Star, and is in stable condition after surgery.

That officer is now on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, which is done routinely after a weapon is discharged.

Juvenile Services was contacted, but because of the nature of the burglary, did not take custody of the teenager. He was released to his mother. Charges are pending.

This is the first police involved shooting in the City of Laurel since 2003.

Monday, April 11, 2016

UPDATE: Colorado boy 12, shot himself hunting; ND man fires gun negligently in apartment; Man 21, shot accidentally by brother

BCSO investigates accidental shooting in Palermo

Palermo, Ca (4-10-16) The Butte County Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting in Palermo. It happened just after 9:00pm Saturday night at 15 Dustin Lane. The caller reported to 911 that the shooting was an accident, and that the victim shot himself in the head. An air medic was called, and was instructed to land on South Villa Avenue. According to deputies, one man, 30, was hospitalized. As of Sunday morning, the unidentified man was recovering at Enloe Medical Center, according to deputies. No arrests have been made. Stay with Action News Now for more details on this developing story....

Man accidentally shot at Clay house party expected to recover

Clay, Al (4-10-16) One man was shot at a house party in Clay last night, and is expected to recover.

Jefferson County sheriff's deputies responded to a call on Cimmaron Drive in Clay just after 11:00 p.m., where they found the victim with a gunshot wound in his back, Sergeant Jack Self said.

After deputies investigated the shooting, they determined that the hooting was accidental.

Self said that someone was showing a handgun to the victim when the gun discharged.

No charges are expected in the accident.

Weld County 12-year-old boy shot in the side

WELD COUNTY, Co (4-10-16) A 12-year-old boy was injured in a shooting Sunday evening.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office said they responded around 6:15 p.m. to the 29000 block of Weld County Road 20 on a call of a reported shooting.

When deputies arrived on scene they found a 12 year old boy who had been shot in the side by a .22 caliber bullet.

The boy was transported to Children’s Hospital in Aurora by ambulance. His condition is unknown as of 10 p.m. Sunday.

Authorities did not discuss how the shooting may have happened or whether the shooting was accidental or intentional, as the exact cause of the incident is still under investigation.

Sheriff: Boy, 12, accidentally shot himself while hunting in Weld County

Weld County, Co  (4-11-16)   Authorities say a 12-year-old boy found with a bullet wound Sunday evening accidentally shot himself while hunting.

"The investigation is ongoing, but no person has been charged," Cpl. Matt Turner said in a Monday news release.

The boy is in stable condition at Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora.

The sheriff's office said the boy was hit by a .22-caliber round in his side on the 29000 block of Weld County Road 20 near Keenesburg. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

West Fargo man fires gun in apartment complex

West Fargo, ND (4-10-16) West Fargo police responded to a single gunshot at an apartment complex Saturday evening.

Authorities were dispatched to 2847 7th Street West around 8:12 p.m. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the suspect, identified as Levi Nordine, 23, who was responsible for the accidental shot.

Nordine said he was clearing or checking his pistol on the couch when he put in a magazine and it went off. The round struck a wall entering the unit's bedroom and striking an exterior window.

There were no injuries and damage was confined to the one unit.

Alcohol was reportedly a factor in the incident.

The city attorney will review whether charges of Discharge of Firearms in the City will be pressed.

Goffstown man accidentally shot in head by brother

Goffstown, Ma (4-11-16) A Goffstown man was rushed to the hospital Sunday night after suffering a gunshot to the head, police officials confirmed.

The 21-year-old victim was accidentally shot by his brother around 10 p.m., police said. The two men were handling the firearm when it went off.

The victim was airlifted to Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

No word has been released regarding the victim's condition.

Reckless conduct charges are expected to be filed, according to police.

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ohio girl, 3 shot as mom's friend carrying gun has negligent discharge; Dad cleaning loaded gun shoots 4 year old daughter.

Chicago Man Charged with Firing Rifle Inside of a Home in Aurora

Aurora, Il (4-9-16) Police have charged a Chicago man who allegedly discharged a rifle inside a Far East Side home last weekend.

39-year-old Christopher Carlson of North Kenneth Avenue in Chicago faces charges of Reckless Discharge of a Firearm, Possession of a Stolen Firearm, and Possession of a Firearm with a Revoked FOID Card.

The incident occurred around 12:30 a.m. April 3 inside the home of a friend of Carlson’s in the 1600 block of Edinburg Lane. Carlson said he was cleaning the gun while in a second floor bedroom when it accidentally discharged.

The bullet ended up being fired into the kitchen floor on the first floor of the home. No one was hit by the fired bullet. During their initial investigation, police discovered the rifle to be stolen out of Zion, Illinois.

At the time of the incident, Carlson’s friend, a 34 year old woman, and her two children, a six year old boy and 12-year-old girl, along with a 41-year-old man and 31-year-old woman were inside the home. Reports indicate the children were in a different second floor bedroom when the shot went off.  The adults were all on the first floor in undisclosed rooms.

No one else was charged and police say the investigation is continuing.

Carlson is being held in the DuPage County jail on $150,000 bond.

Police: Stamford man cleaning gun fired shot through apartment wall

STAMFORD, CT (4-8-16) A city man cleaning his revolver Thursday night was charged with reckless endangerment after the gun accidentally went off and blew a hole through his apartment wall, police said.

Capt. Richard Conklin said Hadrian Gardner, 24, was in his Tresser Boulevard apartment cleaning the revolver when he pulled the trigger, thinking there were no bullets in the chamber, about 8 p.m. Thursday

The bullet went through the wall and entered the adjacent apartment where his neighbor dove to the floor for cover, Conklin said.

Gardner checked on his neighbor and found him unharmed and then reported the shot to police.

Gardner was charged with illegal discharge of a weapon within city limits and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Injured Clinton Man Charged with Felony

Clinton, Ok (4-6-16) A Clinton man who shot himself by accident has been arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at others.

According to a story in the Clinton Daily News, 27-year-old Mikel Alex Salinas shot himself in the wrist recently, but was later arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his three of his neighbors.

When officers went to handcuff him last Saturday, Salinas still had the bandages on from the self-shooting.

Detective Captain Mike Murley of the Clinton Police Department says police were called about 12:15 Saturday morning to an alley in the 500 block of South 11th Street. When officers arrived, they met with neighbors who pointed to a nearby yard and said two men there had a gun. The men had an argument with the neighbors. One went to his residence and then returned to the alley with what was described as a black handgun and allegedly pointed the gun at all three neighbors. That man has been identified as Salinas.

When one of the neighbors told Salinas they were going to call the police, Salinas allegedly went back to the yard he had come from and hid the gun.

The other man with Salinas was reported to be his Salinas’ brother and the two had been working on a pickup when the verbal altercation started.  Murley says no shots were ever fired and no one was injured.

Salinas is due in court on May 13 on the charge of feloniously pointing a firearm for a preliminary hearing conference.

Deputies investigating shooting in Pinson area

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (4-10-16) Deputies in Jefferson County are investigating a shooting in the Pinson area.

Sgt. Jack Self says the shooting appears to be accidental and that the victim is expected to recover.

Lehigh Acres man shoots daughter while cleaning gun

LEHIGH ACRES, Fl (4-4-16) The state Department of Children and Families is investigating an incident where a 28-year-old man said his gun accidentally discharged, shooting his 4-year-old daughter in the arm.

The incident happened at about 10:22 p.m. Sunday inside David Valle’s home on Southwest 25th Street, a report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said.

Valle told deputies he was cleaning a .40 caliber pistol when it discharged.

Valle performed first aid on his daughter until first responders arrived, the report said. The girl was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital, then transferred to Health Park Hospital.

“Just a lot of cops, they had the whole block streamed up back there,” said neighbor Daniel Scott. “A little kid shot accidentally or unaccidentally is unacceptable.”

The 4-year-old’s condition was not immediately known.

This is the second time in less than two months that Lee County deputies have been called to the home. In February, two men stormed into the home and opened fire. One bullet pierced the wall of the 4-year-old’s bedroom.

Neighbors say Valle may have purchased a gun after the incident.

“He probably got that for protection. I don’t know of him ever having one before,” Scott added.

As of Tuesday, Valle has not been charged in connection with the incident.

Three-year-old girl shot in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (4-9-16) A three-year-old girl was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital for the treatment of gunshot wounds to both legs.

Police say the incident occurred Saturday night on the 300 block of East Boston avenue on Youngstown's south side.

Investigators say they don't yet know if the little girl shot herself, or if someone else accidentally fired the gun.

Police have identified the man who owns the gun.

Stay with 21 News for updates on this developing story.

Man in custody after girl shot in legs on the South Side (UPDATE)

YOUNGSTOWN — A man is in custody after a 3-year-old girl was shot in the legs Saturday evening.

Dionte Robinson, 24, no address available, is the Mahoning County jail on a charge of felony child endangering and is expected to be arraigned in municipal court Monday.

Robinson was arrested after the girl was shot at about 8:30 p.m. inside her home in the 300 block of East Boston Avenue.

Lt. Doug Bobovnyik of the Detective Bureau said the girl was shot once but the bullet went through both legs. She is being treated at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital.

Bobovnyik said Robinson was visiting the girl's mother in her home and was carrying a semiautomatic handgun with him. Robinson claimed that he had a concealed carry permit to carry a firearm from the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office.

Robinson told police the gun was in his waistband but it was making him uncomfortable, Bobovnyik said. Bobovnyik said the girl was on Robinson's lap when he took the gun out of his waistband.

The gun then fired, striking the girl.

Robinson was cooperative with police and he did give a statement to detectives, Bobovnyik said.

Bobovnyik said it appears that Robinson is not familiar with how semiautomatic weapons operate, which may be why the gun went off when he took it out of his waistband.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kentucky Teen accidentally shot in head by man mishandling gun; 2 more shot cleaning guns, including man's dog

Georgia man cleaning gun shoots himself, dog

Clyo, Ga (4-9-16) A Georgia man accidentally shot himself and his dog while he was cleaning his gun and talking on the phone.

Todd A. Crouse, 44, of Clyo, was at his home in Clyo, Ga., on March 22 when the accident occurred, according to reporting from the Savannah Morning News.

Crouse said he “unknowingly reloaded the gun” while he was he was reassembling it, according to the Effingham County Sheriff’s Department. Then he told officers that he pulled the slide back, but he still had his finger on the trigger, accidentally firing the gun, the report says.

Crouse told officers he was putting the weapon down when it fired. The bullet struck his upper thigh, traveled through his left leg, and then hit his dog, according to the report.

Crouse was treated at the hospital while his wife, who was sleeping at the time, took the dog to the veterinarian to be treated.

The Savannah Morning News reports that Ryan Williams, the Effingham County Sheriff’s deputy on the case, said he smelled “a faint odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Todd’s person while speaking with him” and no charges were filed.

Clyo is located roughly 25 miles northwest of Hardeeville.

Manhattan man accidentally shoots self while cleaning gun

MANHATTAN, NY (4-8-16) A 24-year-old man shot himself in the leg while cleaning his gun in Manhattan on Thursday night.

Riley County police officers arrived to the 600 block Highland Ridge Drive last night around 7:20. Officers say the handgun fired as Mickey Clarke was attempting to clean it. He suffered a non-life-threatening injury to his leg.

The incident was the third accidental shooting in Riley County this week. A 29-year-old man shot himself over the weekend and, in a separate incident, a father shot his 33-year-old son. Their injuries also were not life-threatening.

Franklin teen shot in the head

Franklin, Ky (4-8-16) A Franklin teen was shot in the back of the head Friday afternoon in the 2400 block of Russellville Road.

Bowling Green police were called to 2472 Russellville Road at 1:53 p.m. Friday, where they found Justin C. Vaughn, 19, of Franklin, shot in the back of the head inside a dark-colored GMC Yukon parked in a gravel lot next to a flooring store. A man inside the flooring store said he didn't know anything about the shooting until he saw an ambulance pull up outside of the business.

Vaughn was taken from the scene by ambulance and flown by medical helicopter to TriStar Skyline Medical Center in Nashville, BGPD spokesman Officer Ronnie Ward said. Police have not released Vaughn's condition. His condition was not available from the hospital.

Police processed the Yukon at the scene, bagged a small handgun as evidence and then towed the Yukon to a secured city lot for further processing.

Ronnie Alan Guess, 37, of Bowling Green, is charged with first-degree assault and tampering with physical evidence in the shooting, Ward said. A third man who was inside the Yukon has not been named and is not charged with any crime, Ward said. Vaughn was in the front passenger seat and Guess was the driver. Ward did not know immediately after the incident if the vehicle was in motion at the time of the shooting or if it was parked.

Guess is accused of mishandling the gun, causing it to discharge once and asking another person hide the weapon prior to police arrival, Ward said.

Accidental shooting reported

Albert Lea, MN (4-8-16) A male reportedly accidentally shot himself in the head with a BB gun at 9:41 p.m. Thursday at 904 Fountain St.