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Negligence:Dad shot 9 mo old; 12 yr old boy playing dies; 15 yr old shot in face; 16 yr old concocts story

Kennewick man lies about gunshot wound to wrist

Kennewick, Wa  (3-11-16)  For the second time in a week, Pasco police were left searching for a crime scene that didn’t exist because a man lied about the cause of his accidental shooting.

Jorge Zavala-Caro, 33, of Kennewick, may face charges of false reporting and unlawful possession of a firearm for the early Thursday incident.

Officers were called to Lourdes Medical Center at 2:06 a.m. after Zavala-Caro showed up at the Pasco hospital with a gunshot wound to his right wrist.

The .22-caliber bullet was lodged in his arm, but it was not a life-threatening injury.

Zavala-Caro told officers that he was walking out of the Albertson’s store with his girlfriend when someone shot at him, said Sgt. Scott Warren.

Police went to the 20th Avenue grocery store and couldn’t find any evidence in the parking lot to match Zavala-Caro’s story. Both a store clerk and a person sleeping in a truck said they had not heard a gunshot, Warren said.

Officers returned to the hospital and asked Zavala-Caro about his story. He then said he’d been sitting in their car with his right arm hanging out the open window when he was hit, Warren said.

Police did not find any bullet holes in the car.

Officers noted that Zavala-Caro had powder burns near his hand, which means the barrel of the gun was touching him when it fired.

“He was confronted about all the inconsistencies of his story and he decided to come clean about what happened,” Warren told the Herald.

Zavala-Caro said they’d been out with friends, he was in the passenger seat, and at some point he reached into the glove box to get the pistol and accidentally pulled the trigger.

He claimed that he freaked out and threw the gun out the car’s window, Warren said. Officers thoroughly searched the street and weren’t able to locate it.

Warren said they’re not sure if Zavala-Caro was being honest about that detail.

Last Sunday, an Idaho man was visiting relatives in Pasco when he picked up a gun on a table and it went off. The gunshot wound to his left palm, which also affected his index finger, caused extensive damage and required treatment at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Robert Garcia Garcia, 53, initially told police he had been walking to a store when two men approached him, demanded money and shot him.

Warren advises people to “tell the truth, treat all guns like they’re loaded, and never point a gun at something you’re not willing to shoot.”

Cheyenne police say man accidentally wounded infant son with handgun

CHEYENNE, Wyoming  (3-11-16)  Police say a Cheyenne man who was handling a pistol in his home accidentally shot and wounded his infant son who was sleeping in the next room.

Police say the man was manipulating the slide on a handgun when it fired and sent a bullet through the wall, hitting his 9-month-old son in the leg.

Police received a call about the shooting at 9:30 p.m. Thursday.

Police say the boy was transported to a local hospital for treatment. An attempt to reach a hospital spokeswoman for information on the child's condition after business hours Friday wasn't immediately successful.

Cheyenne police were still investigating the shooting on Friday.

Cops: Child accidentally shoots, kills himself

NORCROSS, Ga. (3-11-16)   Gwinnett County police are urging gun owners to take precautions with their firearms after a 12-year Hispanic boy accidentally shot and killed himself with a handgun that he was playing with Friday night.

Just before 6 p.m., police were called to the 4900 block of Appaloosa Trail in Norcross regarding a person shot call. Cpl. Deon Washington said a 12-year-old and a 9-year-old were playing in the garage of the home and that the gun went off while the 12-year-old was playing with it.

Washington told reporters at the scene that the gun was normally kept in a safe place, but he did not specify where that place was. He also said he was not sure if the gun had a lock in place or if the child unlocked it while playing with the firearm.

“This is a very unfortunate and sad situation,” Washington said. “It’s a reminder for gun owners to ensure that their guns are stored in a place where children cannot access them. It’s also a very sad reminder about how important it is to teach all children about firearms safety and what can happen when you play with a gun.”

Washington said the gun belonged to the “the homeowners” and that the 12-year-old lived at the home. He couldn’t specify which one of the child’s parents the gun belonged to, though. It was also unclear how, or if, the 12-year-old and the 9-year-old were related.

Police are not saying where the child was shot on his body, but Washington said the gun fired only one shot.

Detectives and crime scene technicians are working to document the scene, he said. Investigators have interviewed everyone who was in the home when the incident happened. Officials said no charges are expected to be filed against the mother of the child.

As investigators worked the scene, a priest showed up and began praying with family and loved ones at the top of the driveway of the home. At one point the group could be heard chanting a hymn.

Shortly after Washington addressed reporters, a women began to let out a deep cry as she stood next to a police patrol car.

“Again, it’s a very tragic situation for a child to lose their life due to playing with a firearm,” Washington said.

Man accidentally shoots self while cleaning gun in Madison

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (3-11-16) A man accidentally shot himself early Friday evening while he was cleaning his gun.

It happened in the 300 block of McArthur Drive off Anderson Lane in Madison.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was hit in his chest and transported to a nearby hospital. It’s unclear what the man’s condition is at this time.

Stay with News 2 and refresh this page for updates.

2 Dead, 3 Wounded In Shootings Since Thursday, Police Say

Chicago, Il  (3-11-16)   A 15-year-old boy was accidentally shot in his face in Auburn Gresham Thursday morning, Estrada said. Police could not say if the boy shot himself.

No arrests have been made in any of the cases, Estrada said.

New Roads officer negligently discharges weapon, questions raised over investigation

NEW ROADS, La  (3-11-16) - A City of New Roads Police officer is on administrative leave tonight after he accidentally discharged his weapon after responding to a scene in his personal vehicle.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon, and tonight questions are being raised about the way the City of New Roads handled the investigation.

Details on exactly what transpired are murky since police are investigating the situation themselves. But, one thing is certain. Some believe the New Roads Police Department should have called an outside agency to investigate the incident.

"It appears to be a cover-up," Attorney Jerry D'Aquila said.

That's how New Roads Attorney Jerry D'Aquila describes what happened in the city limits this week involving a 15-year-old boy. D'Aquila is representing the boy's family.

"Two juvenile males are pointing bb guns at people by Rosenwald School," 911 police radio traffic stated on the day of the incident. "Highway 10 and St. Jude, negligent discharge," you can hear the officer who fired his weapon say.

Denise Johnson claims her 15-year-old son, Dequan Johnson is lucky to be alive today, after coming into contact with that off duty officer.

"He tried to kill him," Johnson said. "That's what he wanted to do."

New Roads Police identified the officer involved as Matt Donnin. He's been with the department for about a year, and is part-time. The way the department handled the investigation into the shooting is concerning to those in the legal community, and the family. After the shooting was reported, the Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Office says when they showed up, the scene had already been dismantled, and there was nothing to investigate. The mother watched as New Roads Police took everything down, and no outside agency was called to investigate.

"It smells like a cover-up when that happens," D'Aquila said. "The good people of New Roads, you come here all the time, we have a nice community, why would the police department want to cover up something? They should be the first one that want it investigated out in the open, so the public knows what happened."

"They should have left the crime scene the way it was, but they tried to hurry up and cover up and thought I wasn't going to do anything about it...that's why," Johnson said.

Police Chief Kevin McDonald was unavailable for an on camera interview. He did say the police officer fired the shot through the window of his personal car. He's appointed by New Roads Mayor Robert Myer.

"Don't put me on camera," Myer said.

We caught up with Myer as he was leaving city hall. Myer told me he was aware of this situation.

"We're going to follow whatever state requirements are," Myer said.

When asked why three days passed and another outside agency was called to come in, Myer said, "I can't comment on something I don't know about."

Tonight, the Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Office says it has nothing to investigate since the city dismantled the scene. Many are wondering how fair the investigation will be since the city of New Roads is investigating itself.

"Any investigation going to be conducted should have been done by an independent police organization. like State Police," D'Aquila said. "They took it on themselves to conduct their own investigation. I don't' know who orchestrated it."

Last year, we showed you in another investigation nearly half of the New Roads Police Department is not Post Certified with weapons training. We checked on the post certification of Officer Donnin. But, since state offices were closed due to the weather today, we couldn't get that information for this story."

The 15-year-old who was carrying the bb gun was taken to a juvenile detention center. He was charged with criminal mischief and possession of a firearm. It's unclear how long the officer will be on leave.

Man fires gun to scare corpses

Watson, Mn  (3-11-16)  A Watson man who fired a gun near a local bar gave authorities some unusual justifications for his actions.

Joseph Rongstad, 33, of Watson, faces a felony charge of reckless discharge of a firearm, disorderly conduct misdemeanor charge and petty misdemeanor charge for discharge of a firearm.

The incident occurred just after 11 p.m Feb. 20 near Watson’s Goose Bar. When a Chippewa County deputy arrived, he found Rongstad in a pickup with a rifle in the center console. When asked what was going on, Rongstad stated he was “just protecting his country” and was “trying to get away from the corpses that were after him.” He fired the rifle through the truck’s moon roof “to warn the corpses that if they came after him, that he had a weapon.”

Rongstad is not in custody. His next court date is an April 25 settlement conference. (Brainerd Dispatch)

Teen cited in false report of intruder inside Ventura home

Ventura, Ca (3-11-16) Police said a Ventura teen fabricated a story about firing a gun at an intruder in his home Friday because he was afraid of getting into trouble with his parents for something he did earlier.

The boy, 16, fired multiple gunshots about 5 p.m. inside his home in the 10500 block of Lavender Street. He then called 911 and said he had fought off an intruder who tried to attack him, Ventura police said. Evidence of a shooting was found but there was no evidence of a break-in, authorities said.

The juvenile said he was injured in the attack because the intruder had a knife, officials said. It was later discovered that the minor cuts on his arm were self-inflicted as part of the story, police said. He was treated on the scene by paramedics, authorities said.

The gun used in the incident was one that his family had inside the home, police said.

The teen eventually admitted he lied to police, officials said. He was cited in connection with felony negligent discharge of a firearm and giving a false reporting of an emergency before being released to his parents, authorities said.

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